Dave Bookman’s personal vinyl collection goes on sale

Dave Bookman photo

On May 21, 2019, the Toronto music community lost a huge piece of its music broadcasting heart with the passing of brilliant radio host, indie music super supporter, encyclopaedic music lover, avid sports fan, moral compass, beloved son, brother and friend, Dave Bookman.

In an ongoing effort to honour David and his deep love of music, his personal record collection has been donated to Rotate This (186 Ossington Avenue) in Toronto. On Thursday November 21, 2019, it will be available for sale, with proceeds going directly to MusiCounts. Over 600 of Bookie’s personal records, a mix of 7″ and full LP’s will be identified by a specially designed sticker. Rotate This will be open 11:00 am – 8:00pm.

In May, Bookie’s broadcasting home base INDIE88 suspended regular programming, to honour David, and celebrate some of the finest musical moments and interviews of his career, while raising funds in honour of the MusiCounts Band Aid program. The initial goal was to reach $10k in listeners donations, but the station quickly surpassed $75k for MusiCounts, in Bookie’s name.
Dave first started listening to the music and became drawn to the artists he heard through the walls of his home in Ottawa, played by his two older brothers. He eventually ventured into their rooms and uncovered their vinyl collections and the songs and sounds connected with him. It was where music first became a part of the fabric of his life. 

“Dave took instantly to The Beach Boys,” remembers his brother Steve. “He was fascinated by their harmonies and their ability to write songs that appealed directly to what teenagers were doing at the time. He also took an instant liking to Dylan, he loved the messages being delivered by someone so young, Dylan was only 22 when he wrote “Blowin’ in the Wind.”

“Those were his two outside walls in music, ‘fun in the sun’ and ‘songs of protest’.” 

Bookie loved his vinyl record collection. The songs, the artists, the history of music meant so much to him. It is only fitting that these records continue to inspire and connect with others while also contributing to the fine work MusiCounts does within the schools and communities to keep music in all our lives and inspire new generations of music lovers.