Death Bells release ‘Live From Bombay’

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Death Bells— the longtime musical collaboration between Will Canning and Remy Veselis— have shared a five-song live release titled ‘Live From Bombay’. The performance was filmed and recorded during the pandemic, just after the group released their career-defining album ‘New Signs of Life’ in September 2020. 

As a direct response to the restrictions on touring to perform the album’s songs, Death Bells converged upon the barren beach front for this unique intimate performance. Watch Death Bells’ ‘Live from Bombay’ performance video on YouTube below.

Death Bells comment, “In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it important to find a way to perform songs from ‘New Signs of Life’ in a live context. We had previously spent some time around the Salton Sea, and found Bombay Beach in particular to have a sort of chaotic allure. It’s in a state of permanent environmental decline, harsh and alien. Our friend Sonia made sure we had a place to sleep whilst filming the performance, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding the area – having moved there as a child in the 1960s, when it was being marketed as the Californian Riviera.” They continue, “The video itself was directed and shot by Travis Waddell, who’s become a frequent collaborator. Andy Oswald and Colin Knight figured out how best to record everything live – no small feat for such an oppressive landscape.” 

Featuring five tracks from ‘New Signs of Life,’ Death Bells’ stunning ‘Live From Bombay’ was released on Friday, April 16th on digital and cassette formats. Additionally, the performance video premiered on Sunday as part of the highly anticipated Roadburn Redux programming and is streaming everywhere now. Formed in 2015 in Sydney, Australia (and now residing in Los Angeles), Death Bells have proven to be a mainstay in the alternative underground musical landscape both in their homeland and overseas. Blurring the lines of post-punk and garage rock, Death Bells joined the Dais Records family for their critically acclaimed sophomore album. Three years in the making, the release saw the act embrace their diverse tastes to deliver unforgettable hooks and more expansive sounds across its nine graceful songs. Revitalized and centered, ‘New Signs of Life’ and the new ‘Live From Bombay’ release harness the band’s initial sparks, cloaking the threads of Death Bells with authority.  

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Live From Bombay’ track listing
Heavenly Bodies
Two Thousand & Twenty
New Signs Of Life
Shot Down (Falling)

‘Live From Bombay’ is available on physical and digital formats here

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