deathcrash share new single ‘And Now I Am Lit’

deathcrash press photo
Photo Credit: Kaye Song

London slowcore band deathcrash have shared the the last single lifted from their new album ‘Less,’ which out now via Fire Talk & untitled (recs). Recorded at the UK’s most remote studio in the Outer Hebrides, ‘Less’ follows their critically acclaimed 2022 album, ‘Return’ with a statement in reduction that turns out to be as powerful and potent as it is tender and introspective. Having previously shared the melancholic and explosive singles Empty Heavy and Duffy’s, the band says about And Now I Am Lit, “This song is one of the earlier ones we came up with. In it is contained the ghost of our original thought process for the record. But then the drums and bass come in.  It is the purest capturing of what we wanted instrumentally from ‘Less’ – just us four in a room together.” Watch the video for And Now I Am Lit via YouTube below.

The four members of deathcrash are an unassuming bunch. Despite coming to prominence with other South London sensations such as Black Country New Road, Jerskin Fendrix and Black Midi, deathcrash have always had a distinctly mysterious energy about them, the shy kids in the corner quietly constructing something grand. Their songs capture many of the difficult moments of the last few years of the band members’ personal lives and yet, as a whole their complexity emerges as a beautiful and hopeful message. 

In September 2022, deathcrash recorded their next record at the UK’s most remote studio in the Outer Hebrides. They worked with producer Ric James again, while longtime collaborator and artist Kaye Song also created all of the videos, photographs and design for the album on-site and in response to the environment. Guitarist Matthew Weinberger recalls it being “pretty intense being shut away where you can’t really go anywhere. But it had this sense of: this is it. We’re giving it everything. This is our focus. We’re zoning in.”  The result is a record that is as powerful and potent as it is tender and introspective, with arrangements that manage to feel refined yet detailed and with a deep emotional resonance at the core of the record. Banks’ voice shifts from hushed whispers to guttural screams, one minute tapping into the kind of fragile beauty that artists like Elliott Smith managed so well, on tracks such as Duffy’s before unleashing a doom metal growl in thundering unison with the band on Empty Heavy. When put together, their songs create a tapestry to moody, oneiric music – incorporating elements of singer-songwriter, doom metal, sludge metal, folk, emo, screamo, and more, to build a colossal testament to the loosely defined genre of slowcore. 

deathcrash Less cover artwork

‘Less’ track listing

1. Pirouette
2. Empty Heavy 
3. Duffy’s 
4. And Now I Am Lit
5. Distance Song
6. Turn
7. Dead, Crashed 

deathcrash Tour Dates

Friday 17th March – Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate
Thursday 23rd March – Horn, St Albans
Thursday 30th March – ICA, London
Saturday 6th May – Botanique Grand Salon, Brussels
Thursday 14th September – Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds
Friday 15th September – CCA, Glasgow
Saturday 16th September – The White Hotel, Salford
Sunday 17th September – Cube Cinema, Bristol
Thursday 28th September – Fabric, London

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