Discogs announces multiple marketplace launches

Discogs logo

Discogs logoDiscogs, the largest music database and marketplace in the world, has announced the launch of four new database and marketplace divisions based on the Discogs platform. Only four-months after launching Gearogs into public beta, the four new database and marketplace iterations consist of FilmogsBookogsComicogs, and Posterogs. All four new divisions, in tandem with Gearogs, will be free of listing and seller fees for a limited time during the public launch.

“Discogs seems to be cashing in on opportunities to help collector communities that are arguably underserved by the Spotifys and Goodreads of the world, in terms of accommodating for meticulousness and precision. But that’s where the similarities end: managing this new ecosystem will require understanding and serving the unique values and identifiers of collection behavior in each vertical.” – FORBES

All four divisions open to public beta during the September Pledge Initiative (S.P.IN) with the emphasis on submissions to all six databases including Discogs and Gearogs. Discogs’ S.P.IN campaign drives toward a massive landmark of 9 Million releases in the Discogs database. Gearogs S.P.IN. as well as S.P.IN. campaigns focused on Filmogs, Bookogs, Comicogs, and Posterogs all have important goals based on increasing database submissions in September. Each S.P.IN. campaign landing page will have a simple guide on how to submit your favorite new record, piece of gear, film, book, or comic!

S.P.IN. landing pages

Discogs S.P.IN.
Gearogs S.P.IN.
VinylHub S.P.IN.
Filmogs S.P.IN.
Bookogs S.P.IN.
Comicogs S.P.IN.
Posterogs S.P.IN.

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