Domestic Culture: Moving your vinyl collection

I must admit, I’m a major vinyl addict with a large record collection. Records are my favourite format to listen to music until I have to move my collection, which brings out the vinyl hate. I store my records in  enclosed cabinets and I didn’t have them in old school crates, so packing up my collection has been problematic.

Here are a few of my concerns about moving my vinyl “babies”:

  • Large number of records
  • Crates are open on top so rain / snow can get on your precious vinyl
  • The exposed top in a crate can lead to damage during the move
  • I always like to keep my vinyl vertical and never stack them so I need a way to do this

I luckily found a few solutions that I wanted to pass along to you. There are a few options for vinyl friendly shipping boxes.

packing vinyl



Here are some articles with tips and articles about moving your collection:

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