DOOMSQUAD release remix EP


DOOMSQUAD is an art project comprised of Montreal and Toronto based siblings Allie, Jaclyn, and Trevor Blumas – by the way, they are super nice people. Their debut ‘Kalaboogie,’ released earlier this year via Hand Drawn Dracula, was a fresh, innovative take on electronic music, and now they release, ‘Kalaboogie Twice Me,’ an EP of remixed tracks from their debut. The EP was curated by DOOMSQUAD to represent and unite the electronic music scenes in Canada’s three largest cities. The EP features remixes by nationally established producers in Vancouver (Slade Robbie of Humans), Toronto (Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck, Lee Paradise of Phedre / Hooded Fang, & the powerhouse production team at Polyphasic Studios), and Montreal (Sibian & Faun). International contributors from the UK & Italy are also included.

With no signs of slowing down, DOOMSQUAD offer this selection of free remixes before their performances throughout November with Gazelle Twin in Toronto, M for Montreal, and opening dates for Tanya Tagaq.

‘Kalaboogie Twice Me’ track listing:
1) Kalaboogie (Graham Walsh / Holy Fuck Remix)
2) Eternal Return (Slade Robbie / Humans Remix)
3) Waka Waka (Fab Mayday Remix)
4) Born from the Marriage of the Moon & Crocodile (Lee Paradise remix)
5) Disremember/Dismemberment (Moonwood Remix)
6) Ovoo (Sibian & Faun Remix)
7) Eternal Return (Mono Cliffs Remix)
8) Ovoo (Kitt Grill Remix)

Listen to the ‘Kalaboogie Twice Me’ EP via Souncloud below.


DOOMSQUAD tour dates:
Nov. 13 – London @ Aeolian Hall *
Nov. 21 – Toronto @ Tattoo ^^
Nov. 22 – Montreal – M For Montreal @ Divan Orange ^^
* supporting Tanya Tagaq
^^ supporting Gazelle Twin

For more information on DOOMSQUAD, visit

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