Down With Space share ‘Know I Know’

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How do you act like everything is normal when you can see through the charade? Sometimes you meet someone who is unwilling to acknowledge the truth, but it’s so uncomfortable that you just put up with it and let them keep pretending.

Know I Know is about that situation, where you are being fed a sugar coated version of the truth, and how to start thinking for yourself. It’s about going for independence, rebellion and challenging the norms.

Listen to Know I Know out now on streaming platforms everywhere.

The video for this song depicts a protagonist who just seems to be having a real bad day. They’re on a quest that begins with a bike lock that just won’t open, visit a friend who isn’t around and just can’t seem to find what they’re looking for at the convenience store. It’s about being frustrated and confronting the difficulties you encounter.

Watch the music video via YouTube below.

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