Dreamgazers Pencey Sloe announce new album ‘Don’t Believe, Watch Out’

Pencey Sloe press photo

French dreamgaze trio Pencey Sloe has announced their first full-length album, Don’t Believe, Watch Out’, which will be released on September 27th, 2019. In anticipation, the first single Lust Of The Dead is now available digitally. Take a listen to the track via YouTube below.

Paris-based Pencey Sloe seemed to come out of nowhere only two years ago, which is hard to believe while listening to their rich, elegant songs. Born out of a casual exchange of ideas between guitarist, singer and main composer Diane Pellotieri, lead guitarist Valentin Beaucourt and drummer Clément Aulnois, the trio’s music reflects a distinctly original spin on shoegaze and dream pop.

With a name harking back to American novelist J.D. Salinger, the trio creates soundscapes of beautifully psychedelic colour with some darker tinges that urge you to glimpse into your own inner abyss. DPencey Sloe craft songs with both youthful abandon and astounding maturity. There is a particular deftness in their harmonic interplay between jangling guitars and the front woman’s angelic voice, all held together by infectiously straight drumming.

Watch for the Ben Berzerker directed music video for the album’s second single All Ok on August 8th.