DREAMSHOW reveal new track ’16’


Straight off the back of their brand new video for Chasing Control, DREAMSHOW release the second track from their upcoming EP. 16 is a more upbeat song than the track before it. DREAMSHOW’s frontman, Constantine V’s, vocals bring to mind Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Julian Casablancas. Take a listen to 16 via Soundcloud below.

More about DREAMSHOW? DREAMSHOW perfectly blend of pop hooks, indie rhythms and punk sensibilities – resulting in a sound that’s both fresh and nostalgic. Born in Manhattan, New York, Constantine V. identified from an early stage with rebellious and indie art forms and has always drawn energy from chaos and his troubled youth. He thrives off pure forms of expression and High Art influences; since his teen years and through his study at Bard College, he has used reading, painting and mixed media to develop, refine, and increase his creative output. Today as a fine artist, he has shown in Manhattan galleries and sold his work through Sotheby’s under a secret moniker.

As a musician, Constantine’s sound has always been based in his early passion for drumming. His voice is distinctly punk but with a fresh emotional range, most notably in the anxious stretches of strong pop melody.

DREAMSHOW is Constantine V. – vocals, Jahphet Landis of TV on the Radio – drums, Mason Orfalea of Cerebral Ballzy – guitar, and Michael Amacio – bass.

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