Dublin’s Bedrooms share new single ‘in yer pocket’

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Dublin quartet Bedrooms return with the second single to be lifted from their debut EP, ‘Afterglow,’ recorded with revered songwriter and producer Bill Ryder-Jones. in yer pocket is the follow-up to For Today, released last month, which drew support from Clash, DIY, NME, NPR and more.

Bedrooms forge a sound that brings together dream-pop, shoegaze, and a distinct slowcore sensibility, under the influence of artists like Alex G, Codeine, Cocteau Twins, Duster and Galaxie 500. Where former single For Today committed itself to lurching ominously, in yer pocket is a sincere, heartfelt portrayal of intimacy, the band again showing their talent for slow and purposeful builds, with stunning payoffs.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Dev McGarry comments: “‘in yer pocket’ was a lot of fun for us to record and is a tune we really love to play live. We’re all for simplicity, and just enjoy how it meanders and flows and love what Bill Ryder-Jones brought to the recording process.

We wrote the track with the intention of keeping it pretty light and airy and didn’t really want to over complicate anything when it came to the recording. If there is a Bedrooms ‘sound’ ‘in yer pocket
is probably the closest thing we have to it. 

 We try to have some fun with the lyrical content of our tracks and don’t take them too seriously, but I suppose the track is loosely about anyone/anything getting the better of you. A tale as old as time.”

Listen to in yer pocket via SoundCloud below.

You can also listen to in yer pocket on DSPs here

‘Afterglow’ EP details

Bass player Dane Staunton continues: “Recording this EP with Bill Ryder Jones was a bit of a dream come true for us. We’re huge admirers of his music and we felt that he could get the most out of these tracks and the sounds we had in our head. We essentially just chanced our arm by emailing his manager and everything kinda moved quickly from there. The few days we spent in West Kirby with Bill were pretty special to us and our favourite time as a band.

Through the ‘Afterglow’ EP we wanted to put together a collection of songs we believed reflected our progression as musicians and songwriters from our earlier releases. We had aimed to release the EP in the late summer of 2020 but given the uncertainty of everything going on this past year, we kept pushing back and were perhaps waiting for some sort of perfect storm where we could gig again and have a launch night to showcase the tracks. It seemed like that was never going to happen, but ultimately, we needed to remind ourselves that we created something that we’re all proud of and didn’t want to sit on the songs for any longer.”

Bedrooms - The Afterglow EP artwork
Bedrooms – The Afterglow EP artwork

‘Afterglow’ EP track listing

1. For Today
2. Dancing In The Circle K
3. in yer pocket

Pre-order the EP here

Bedrooms are:

Dev McGarry (guitar and lead vocal)
Fionn Montague (lead guitar and backing vocal)
Dane Staunton (bass and backing vocal)
Ste O’Leary (drums)

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