Dutch punk rockers Tusky announces new EP + tour


On May 2nd, Dutch punk rock band Tusky will release their ‘Love Love Love EP’. Five brand new songs, four dedicated to love… and one to hate. Just to yin and yang the shit out of things. Together with the EP announcement, the band have shared a video for their new single Mormor. Watch the video via YouTube below.

The ‘Love Love Love’ EP will be released on May 3 via V2 Records. In support of the release Tusky will once again hit the road to tour The Netherlands and Germany.

“We recorded the EP over Christmas and we figured: “Fuck it, the world could use a bit of punk rock love.” Apart from that, there’s a Woodstock being held this year and we did not want to miss out on a summer of love!” As there’s no good without evil, we wrote a song about that too.”

2018 was a great year for Tusky! Playing great festivals like Eurosonic, Jera On Air, Zwarte Cross and 20 somewhat festivals more, two club tours with a bunch of shows selling out and driving over 6000 kilometers all over Europe, supporting best buds Black Peaks.

The band still consists out of former John Coffey guitar players Alfred van Luttikhuizen and Crucial Chris, John Coffey guitar tech Sjors Bompa, and drummer Bas Allein Richir. They’re still having a good time! Musically things are quite the same, but different. Just enjoy the new songs!

Love Love Love tour dates

May 2 – Dynamo, Eindhoven
May 3 – dBs, Utrecht (official release party)
May 9 – Vera Groningen
May 10 – Molotow Skybar, Hamburg
May 11– Druckluft, Oberhausen