Eddie Izzard @ Massey Hall, Toronto – May 30, 2010

Eddie Izzard Stripped

Sunday night, I went to see Eddie Izzard’s ‘Stripped’ stand-up comedy performance at Massey Hall in Toronto for his May 30th show. Entering the stage in 8″ stilettos, very skinny jeans and a blazer with tails (with pink lining), he immediately won over the audience making reference to his transvestite attire. The show poked fun at the ‘history of the world’ and religion with many dialogue style skits. It was brutally honest, scathing, and pushing the boundaries of offensiveness especially with respect to religion. The first half was definitely stronger than the second, but enjoyable throughout.

Here is Eddie’s hilarious Darth Vader / Death Star canteen skit done with Lego animation:

It is definitely worth seeing his show if it makes its way to your city / town.


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