Eerie Wanda releases new single ‘Long Time’

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Photo credit: Anna Tadic

Eerie Wanda, the project of Dutch/Croatian musician Marina Tadic, has shared the new single Long Time, lifted from her forthcoming album ‘Internal Radio,’ available on CD & digital September 23 via Joyful Noise Recordings (an LP version will follow on November 18.)

Following on from the lofty air of lead single, Sail to the Silver Sun, Tadic dives deeper into her surreal playfulness on Long Time, which she says is about “longing to belong, but also letting go of the past, and the growth that comes from that.”

That torn expression is further realized in the foggy, warbled mirror reflections of the accompanying video, directed by Adam Harding. “We have projected some of my memories into it,” says Marina.

“To me, this song is actually kinda sassy. Dreamlike and sassy. So that’s the vibe Adam and I were going for.”

Watch the video clip for Long Time via YouTube below.

More information on Eerie Wanda

This summer, the Dutch/Croatian artist Eerie Wanda will release ‘Internal Radio,’ her third album and second for Joyful Noise Recordings. Visual artist and musician Marina Tadic writes the songs and is joined by her partner, Adam Harding (Dumb Numbers, Kidbug), and Kramer (Galaxie 500, Unrest, Ween, Daniel Johnston) on the new album, which was recorded at home in the Netherlands. On these 11 songs, it’s clear that Tadic is becoming the artist she wants to be, working through some things, and even exorcising a few demons. The album opens with Sail to the Silver Sun, which feels like a codeine bath washing over your exhausted soul. “The mystery of life and death is often on my mind,” she says. Whereas her previous albums leaned toward upbeat, guitar-focused pop, ‘Internal Radio’ sounds like a more experimental, otherworldly, serious grown-up affair, venturing into sensitive emotional territory. The intimate, personal songs here reflect the solitude many of us have felt these past few years, recalling artists such as Lida Husik and Edith Frost. 

Tadic, who started writing songs at age 14 when she got her first guitar, takes an intuitive approach to making music. “I will forever be fascinated by ideas and where they come from,” she says. “It’s magical how we can get this little seed of an idea and when giving it attention it grows into a whole new universe.” On ‘Internal Radio,’ she wanted to tune in to her deepest feelings and create something which sounded new to her. Allowing herself to confront some darker emotions, previously pushed aside, yielded many of the songs. She’s also into paranormal phenomena like near-death experiences, telepathy, and UFOs, and those things impact the music she makes as well. Without a full band and instead using haunting, ethereal spaces, she has really found her “weird inner world.“It has been a real joy to work with Kramer because he knows and feels the heart of a song and has amazing stuff to add,” she says.

Working with a band can be fun but I wanted to stay in my vibe this time,” says Tadic. This album is more personal because it draws on her own experience, while on previous material she relied more on storytelling. She also wanted to experiment more with sounds for Internal Radio, giving each individual track a custom sound. 

Tadic is also becoming more confident in knowing and creating what she wants, trusting her gut when it comes to what things sound like. “I’m in a phase where I’m more in touch with my own visions,” she says. “I feel more grounded and I care less about other people’s opinions, and I just want to immerse myself with beauty and love and project it out into the world.”

– Gail O’ Hara

Internal Radio album cover

‘Internal Radio’ track listing

1. Sail To The Silver Sun

2. NOWx1000

3. Long Time

4. On Heaven

5. Confess

6. Nightwalk

7. Someone’s In My House

8. Sister Take My Hand

9. Birds Aren’t Real

10. Puzzled

11. Bon Voyage

Pre-order ’Internal Radio’ here

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