El No release debut album early + share track-by-track rundown

El No
Photo by Michelle Bodine

Tex/Ohio duo El No has released their ‘Nothing Is Possible’ LP via Overthought Musik a couple days early. Order/purchase the debut album here.

Just prior to the early release, the band premiered the album alongside a track-by-track rundown at Big Takeover who had the following to say:

“In the true spirit of creating DIY music, the two did it all on their own and on their own terms,” adding, “the production may be lo-fi, but there’s an energetic current that electrifies the songs, from high-jumpin’ sing-song lead single ‘Shinin’ On Me‘ (albeit with bleak lyrics about ‘all my friends are dead and gone’) and pumpin’ and tuneful garage rock/power popper ‘ Run’ with sneering vocal tone to casual-seguing-into-vivid reminiscing of ‘Fall Back’ with lamenting vocals (‘I already miss you’) and strung out guitars, and the noise rock title track that attacks with frustrated vocals, warped sounds, and deep drum beats.” Born and raised during the apocalypse of 2020, El No is Nate Farley (Guided By Voices, The Amps, Robthebank, The Breeders) and Craig Nichols (Bellringer, Fur Coats, Dumbell, Shesus). Both with roots in the Dayton, Ohio, music scene, they are now both ex-pats living in Columbus, Ohio, and Austin, Texas, respectively.

In the past, the duo have performed in many bands and projects together and recently decided not to let the 1,500 miles between them get in the way of making music together. Armed with a bunch of demos, they met in the middle (Memphis, Tennessee) and let it rip. 

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