Empty Lungs release new single ‘Don’t Get It’

Empty Lungs

Empty Lungs have released their new single Don’t Get It via Soundcloud below.


The song is basically a “fuck you” to a culture that warps young people into thinking that self-image and selfishness are the core values of our modern society. Those kinds of attitudes create an atmosphere that alienates anyone that doesn’t fit the mould. The youth culture that we love revolves around tolerance, art, activism and social change. Unfortunately, these aren’t the dreams being sold to many of us.

It definitely hasn’t been an easy road so far, but grit and determination to create something positive and unique are instilled in us. They all grew up in Belfast, Ireland at the tail end of a divisive 35 year conflict. So after losing members, losing jobs, and a near death experience, their energy and loyalty to the band was only bolstered.

When they recorded the songs on their ‘Don’t Get It’ EP, it seemed like a re-birth for the band. Their second guitarist of 3 years had just left but the three of them are like a family unit after everything they’ve been through together and they think that shines through in the songs.

The full three song EP is out in March 10 via Hidden Pony Records.