Minuit Machine (live set)

June 21, 2019 @ 22:00
1265 Dundas Street West

Minuit Machine (live)
Milch (dj set)
Siviyex (dj set)

Minuit Machine (France)

Minuit Machine is a dark electro wave duo born in Paris in 2013. Hélène de Thoury, who founded the project, produces mesmerizing sounds and mixes them with dark electronic beats. Amandine Stioui completes Hélène’s music with melancholic vocal lines and engaged lyrics.

The duo often describes their music as “disrupted” wave, with various influences from the 80s and the 90s.
Hélène and Amandine’s music is rather singular and sometimes hard to label as their music background is very different. From electro to darkwave, with a strong electro basis and melodic vocal lines, Minuit Machine is one of a kind.
In October 2013, Minuit Machine self-released its first EP “Blue Moon” with their hit song “Agoraphobia”. With its heady melody and its striking electronic drums, Agoraphobia is one of Minuit Machine’s most famous song and also Minuit Machine’s first music video.

One year later, they released their first LP “Live & Destroy” on the French established label Desire. Live & Destroy was described as an “icy romance”, a perfect match between Hélène nagging sounds and Amandine’s emotional voice.
Concurrently with this release, the duo started touring all around Europe, spreading their powerful and poignant wave.
In November 2015, Minuit Machine released their second LP “Violent Rains” on the German label No Emb Blanc. The first single of this LP “Battles”, for which they did a music video hit hard and contributed in building Minuit Machine’s very personal identity. Violent Rains received several laudatory reviews and was described as a “synthetic masterpiece”.
After a three-year break, Hélène and Amandine are back on track. They’re going to release their third LP called “Infrarouge” on May 13th 2019.

Milch (dj set)

Invisible City Record Shop team member, IC Radio + Invisible City Presents programmer, and Bambi’s resident. Laura Schütte aka Milch is a Toronto based DJ, promoter and graphic designer. Her musical focus is an eclectic mix of 1980s oddities, wave, industrial and synth.

Siviyex (dj set)

Siviyex is Toronto duo Castelvi (Bass Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Vocoder) and M. Gomes (Synthguitar, Programming). Combining elements of Shoegaze, Electro, Italo and New Wave, their debut LP is forthcoming later this year on Disko Obscura.

DJ sets include a mix of Electro, Dark Italo and underground New Wave, spanning 80’s influence to present.

$5 before 11
$10 after 11

19+ show