The Apiecalypse Now 2018 Fur Trade

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November 25, 2018 @ 12:00 – 19:00
pin Apiecalypse Now - Pizza & Snack Bar
735 Bloor Street W.
Ontario M6G 1L5

Ever hear of the fur trade? Okay, how about one where you get free pizza? THAT’S RIGHT it is the FIRST Apiecalypse Now Fur Trade!

Here’s the deal. You have a coat with fur trim on the hood, that fur is probably made of a coyote (an animal that lives here in Toronto with all of us everyday) or Raccoon. You don’t need that fur to be warm, but guess what, you can donate it and baby animals that are being rehabbed and rescued in our own backyards can use it to feel safe an warm after they’ve lost their mothers.

THE DEAL: If you bring us your zipped off REAL** fur trim from your coat and donate it to orphaned baby animals and they’ll TRADE you for a FREE slice of pizza.

That’s it! You’ve got the fur, and only animals need fur in Toronto in 2018, so they’ll trade ya. One trim for one slice, from open till 7pm on November 25th. This is as close to a win/win as they can get!

You get Pizza, baby squirrels, raccoons, foxes, possums, chipmunks, skunks, kittens and other urban animals get cozy beds. We thank you, coyotes who don’t get trapped for fur thank you, and baby animals thank you. What a bomb ass way to show you like animals a whole lot.

(**Faux fur is already totally chill so they are only trading for the real stuff. The babies can tell. Not sure if your trim is real? They can help you find out! One surefire way is to take a strand of it out, and hold it to a lighter. The fake stuff melts/balls up, the real stuff… well, smells like burning hair. Some fur is labled faux but is real, so give it a check! — Also the brand can be a giveaway, if your coat is Canada Goose, is trimmed with real, Canadian coyote fur. And they’ll gladly take that off your hands and take it to the orphans for ya.)

ONE DAY ONLY. November 25, Noon to 7pm, BLOOR ST location!

If you miss the trade but want to give them your fur for the babies without needing something in return they will always be happy to get it to them for you anytime. You can just give them your trim and they’ll take care of it for you. ♥