Reindeer unveils ‘Field Reports from the Western Lands’ video

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ReindeerExperimental South-London artist Reindeer shares stark urban video for Field Reports from the Western Lands, which is lifted from his genre-bending debut album due March 30th via Anette Records. Watch the video via YouTube below.

After almost a decade in the making, James Reindeer’s first official full-length solo debut, ‘Field Reports from the Western Lands,’ arrives appropriately in the spring of 2018 as a testament to our current blazing backdrop of social and political catastrophe; Reindeer’s anguished vocals backed by Nimrod’s sonic landscape of breathtaking post-rock tones and loops beckon you home to neon-lit ruins—Reindeer himself leading you by the hand through sprouting black monoliths out from a cracked, dying world.

James details the video: “We are our own worst enemies. We are trapped within a maze of our own doing. We flit from scene to scene, we pace, we march in place. Always sensing a malevolent impending, always suspicious of a conspiracy, a plot; an unknown unknown. We try to slip silently, perhaps unnoticed, from location to location, to keep out of reach of this seemingly sinister harm; whilst, always, trying to stealthily divine its source. But, in exhaustion and hopelessness we fall down, head in hands, and in doing so, realise that the black gloves have been cloaking our very own fingers since the outset“.

A conceptual sequel to the fbcabric & reindeer ‘It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Whom You Know,’ this 16-track limited edition double vinyl in 4 parts utilizes various ‘field recordings,’ from environmental sounds throughout his travels in Europe and North America to dialogue samples of President Truman and Robert Oppenheimer, taking you on an experiential journey through the fallen Western World of murky dreams and alluring weightlessness—no, this is not an album that’s going to offer you any definiteness; rather, it endeavors to move you through the cavernous entrails of your own confused feelings via hallucinogenic impressions, spectral mirages and tones, carrying you from track to track through the chemical skies and radioactive rubble.

Not to mention that this album also includes a beautiful lyric booklet with original drawings by Reymundo Perez III (AKA Mildew of Papervehicle), and a digital download code as well, the entire package reminiscent of Reindeer’s notoriously complex and involved hand-crafted ‘Fragments from the Field’ packages containing forged documents from a seemingly eternal, glitchy atomic field.

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