F I N K E L releases spooky new single ‘l e x i c o n’

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F I N K E LJust in time for Halloween, LA-electropop duo, F I N K E L, have released l e x i c o n, their spooky first single since signing to blossöm records. The track builds off of their otherworldly nature only this time F I N K E L explores a more ominous space with an array of analog synths and a charming lo-fi 80s vibe. Take a listen to l e x i c o n via Soundcloud below.

Jane and Brian Spencer of F I N K E L seem to arrive from the near future, or perhaps somewhere out there, appearing with a slight shimmer of a dimension adjacent to our own. With an atmosphere treading the periphery of pop, the duo’s tangible vocal presence overlays hypnotic electro pulsations in a combination that teases out details of last night’s otherworldly dreams and tempts the waking state to return to its astral analog.

Not quite definable by conventional genres, their avant-garde sensibilities will appeal to an audience seeking a respite from the pedestrian daily grind and typical expectations. There’s an enchanting quality that pervades the work of this singing and songwriting combo. Their lyrics explore themes of love and desire; understanding oneself and one another beyond surface qualities; and questioning the status quo. With every track, they’re suggesting we take another, closer look because what we think we see and hear just might deserve inspection.

A tale of two spirits unravels curiously from the seams of F I N K E L’s new singles. Their ethereal synthetic textures and rich vocal harmonies produce an aesthetic that grabs attention and gives it a nudge. The result somehow distills the mood of a strange day’s fleeting moments into a potent, lingering hex. Like the feeling of a passing glance with a mysterious stranger, we’re left assured we just encountered something ineffable and wondering if someone else felt it too.