Fake Palms premiere ‘Holiday’ video

Fake Palms Holiday video still

Fake Palms have premiered their video for Holiday to coincide with the release of their ‘Heavy Paranoia’ EP, which is out now via Buzz Records. According to singer/guitarist Mike le Riche the song concerns perception. “It’s about how you can build a complete narrative of something in your mind only to realize you’re completely wrong and that the opposite is true.” The video, directed by Allison Johnston alternates images of the band members consuming, and eventually being covered in, ever greater amounts of candy with footage of mounds of the same sweets melting under high heat, with the intent, according to the director, of engaging with a duality similar to the one addressed in the song’s lyrics.

“The video explores the juxtaposition of the human experience being both beautiful and disgusting,” Johnston tells Fader. “The two go hand in hand, yet as a society we tend to try and hide the dark side of things. We wanted to highlight the interesting details that can be found among the decay of a beautiful thing.”

‘Heavy Paranoia’ is out now via Buzz Records. It’s available on Spotify and for purchase digitally on iTunes and physically here.

Fake Palms Heavy Paranoia cover
Track list

1. Collar Bone
2. Holiday
3. Frequencies
4. Curtains
5. Snowblind