Fassine share ‘Max’ (Paolo Conte cover)

Fassine press photo
Photo Credit: Jimmy King

UK industrial-pop trio Fassine have just released their new album ‘FORGE’ via Trapped Animal Records/Cargo Records. A gripping tribute to the unassuming heroes on the fringes of society, the new collection is bolder than ever, elevating the London trio’s distinctive take on electronic music with heavier, more aggressive instrumentation. 

The band continues their tradition of covering obscure tracks, this time choosing Italian jazz singer Paolo Conte’s Max. Conte, an Italian legend who the UK’s Guardian once described as a “Maestro of a lost elegance” has been a part of the country’s DNA for over forty- five years. Aggressive and commanding, the band has reimagined the largely instrumental original with their uniquely cinematic and bombastic approach. Fabrizio of Arqtic offers his authentic Italian vocals to the track, and performs the piano solo at the end. Listen to Max via SoundCloud below.


Says Sarah Palmer “We were in the studio late one night and were debating about how to record the small section of Italian in the song. Not being Italian we were concerned that our English accents would destroy the song. We wandered down to grab a coffee and Stefano Fiori and Fabrizio Pagni just happened to be there. We couldn’t believe our luck and asked them if they would do the vocal. Initially, they were a bit skeptical owing to the fact that the song was so strange and niche but they ended up not only doing the vocal part but also contributing musically to the song. One of those serendipitous moments that worked big time”.

FORGE means ‘to create something strong and enduring’. With this new album, Fassine has embodied the grit and grime of their personal heroes and wield an industrial and hard-hitting piece of craftsmanship.