Fleece release new single ‘It’s The Life’

Fleece press photo
Photo credit: Gabie Che

Montreal-based indie-pop / bedroom rock band Fleece have released their new song It’s The Life. Lyrically, it’s a self-reminder to make life more simple – to act like a kid, be silly, queer it up, and just play pretend. In general, it’s also a big reminder to stop overthinking, especially about certain expectations others might have of us. We can always play pretend and be whatever kind of person we want to be. Listen to It’s The Life via YouTube below or on streaming platforms everywhere.

The song originally started as a live jam in their practice space that they posted to TikTok…and the infectious melody & steel-drum-sounding guitar really stuck with them. They realized the song with producer Gus Van Go, who helped them capture the song’s fun, live-jam energy. At our live shows, they’ve been opening with It’s The Life because it energizes them and the crowd – bringing out our wacky, positive energy.

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