Fleece shares ‘Do U Mind? (Leave The Light On)’ video

Fleece press photo
Photo Credit: Dylan Mitro

Montreal quartet Fleece released their latest single Do U Mind? (Leave The Light On), an ode to Grindr/hook up culture. You can check out the video via YouTube below.

Lead vocalist & principal songwriter Matt Rogers sings, “We’re not in love – but I wanna feel like I am tonight,” in this ode to temporary love. Discussing the track, he states, “‘Do U Mind? (Leave the Light On)’ is about meeting up with someone and pretending like you’re in love for the night, even though you both know you’re not. It’s a little wink to all the people out there who feel the same way, and want to feel that sense of belonging… for just a moment. I feel like hookup culture has made it really hard to be vulnerable with each other. This song is my attempt at explaining the intersection of love, isolation, and frustration that apps like GRINDR make me feel.”

After taking 2019 to focus on songwriting, Fleece released three singles in 2020, including Upside Down, with well over a million streams on Spotify. Rogers confidence as a songwriter and as a voice for young queer culture as grown exponentially since the band’s 2017 album ‘Voyager,’ which saw them selling out 500+ rooms in Toronto and Montreal, while touring North America with acts such as Born Ruffians and Tokyo Police Club.

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