Footwear brand profile: Red By Wolves "Sneaker Pimps"

Red By Wolves

If you are not familiar with footwear brand, Red By Wolves, then you should be. Red By Wolves started in 2007 around one unisex boot, the pointed, buckled Yvan boot (one of my personal favourites), which has since become an iconic Red By Wolves classic. Their shoes are handmade in a third generation family run workshop in Portugal, and the craftsmanship is top notch.

German born Lena Lipp is the designer behind the brand. She graduated from the renowned Istituto Marangoni and studied at the London shoe-making school Cordwainers as well as studying under various bespoke shoe makers and working in the shoe design departments of Jonathan Kelsey and Alexander McQueen.

Now, onto our specific focus today, Red By Wolves super cool sneaker line. Think of an updated version of the classic Chuck Taylors from Converse, but the similarities stop at the general shape, and the fact that they are both high tops sneakers. Red by Wolves take the sneaker to a more sophisticated and stylish level. The perforated leather and ‘fold-down’ top give this sneaker a modern day make-over. They come in a number of different colours including white (shown above), all black, black with white sole, tan, grey and turquoise. Pretty much a colour for all tastes.

Red By Wolves’ sneakers styles don’t stop there, the brand also has ‘pony skin’ models in two variations of dalmatian and cinnamon / black (shown on the right). Again, they feature the fold down top to give more flexibility and wear-ability. These models are a bit more street style, but definitely a step up from your typical high top sneaker.

Red By Wolves are definitely pushing traditional trainers into a new space. We are already looking forward to future season to see what this footwear brand have up their sleeve.

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