FRIDAY shares new single + video ‘Dear God’

FRIDAY press photo
Photo Credit: Adam Wilder

Multi-hyphenate creator Nicole Daddona, who performs as FRIDAY, shared her new single and video Dear God. Daddona reclaims her emotions in the grunged-out ballad that slowly builds before devolving into an all-out rocker. The accompanying video by Daddona’s production company Magic Society Pictures shows FRIDAY dressed up as a crying, cigarette-smoking clown as she takes over an empty indoor children’s entertainment facility. “‘Dear God’ is a grunge-pop song with deep emotions that delves into the themes of self-sabotage and sacrifice,” Daddona says. “It explores the concept of willingly setting oneself up for disaster, even if it causes pain, in order to protect yourself or someone else. The song acknowledges the difficulty of doing the right thing, which often requires walking away from someone or something you love and trusting the unknown. Sometimes, making a mess and looking like a fool is necessary to move forward. The lyrics read like a personal diary entry, expressing the sadness and emotional aftermath of a tough decision. My hope is that the song provides a cathartic outlet for those moments when you need to release some pent-up anger or sadness – ideally over In-N-Out Burger.” Through her whimsical and eclectic solo musical project, FRIDAY explores themes of love and loss with a touch of nostalgia and DIY aesthetics, all heard across a unique sound that she describes as “Harry Nilsson meets Nirvana.

Watch the video for Dear God via YouTube below or listen through other methods.

Nicole Daddona is a true creative powerhouse. She’s the founder and designer of the “lowbrow, high fashion” clothing and accessories company Magic Society, which houses her iconic, playful, and maximalist fashion designs like the Judy Bag, a purse made from deadstock blow-up dolls or a hand-shaped Handbag. She is also one half of Magic Society Pictures alongside Adam Wilder, which specializes in surreal and genre film, television, visual art, and live comedy. Their latest horror short film ‘The Mundanes’ premiered at this year’s SXSW as part of the Midnight Shorts Program, and have previously worked on series with Adult Swim, Amazon Studios, MTV, GIPHY, and Cartoon Network. Their award winning short film ‘Sexy Furby,’ co-produced by Abso Lutely Productions, premiered at Fantasia Festival and Beyond Fest in 2021 and won Grand Prix CANAL+ at L’Etrange Festival. 
It’s no question that Nicole Daddona can do it all. From fashion designer to visual artist and filmmaker, Daddona has now turned her hand to music with her moniker FRIDAY. Daddona began writing her own music at a young age, and in 2020, began remotely producing original music in her bedroom during lockdown. After relocating to the seclusion of upstate New York in 2022 to escape the hustle of Los Angeles, she began to hone in on her music skills. Drawing inspiration from artists like Marc Bolan, Jeff Lynne, George Harrison and beyond, FRIDAY captures different aspects of the human experience with her music – topping it off with her own unique, colorful flair. FRIDAY channels her creativity in each moment and brings a sense of nostalgic fun to each track. With hook-filled tracks and playful melodies, it’s a sound sure to get stuck in both your head and your heart. FRIDAY’s music ranges from empowering dance tracks to emotive ballads that will make you feel deeply, and listening will transport you to a world where the weekend never ends.

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