Genghis Tron share kaleidoscopic music video for ‘Pyrocene’

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Genghis Tron have shared the official hypnotic 4K video for Pyrocene just ahead of the release of ‘Dream Weapon’. You can watch the Yoshi Sodeoka created video below. Guitarist Hamilton Jordan comments, “Pyrocene was the first song we finished for ‘Dream Weapon’. It all started with a single drumbeat that I wrote during an extended stay in the Arizona desert.  I gave that beat to Michael, and within a few weeks he built an entire sinister, pulsating world around it.  We knew, well before finishing the album, that this had to be the opening song on the record.” Watch the video clip for Pyrocene via YouTube below.

The band’s first new studio outing in over a decade, Genghis Tron’s Hamilton Jordan and Michael Sochynsky are now joined by two new collaborators: vocalist Tony Wolski and Sumac/Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn. Together, the lineup perfects the unique mix of extreme rock and electronic music Genghis Tron has pioneered over their storied career. A melding of hypnotic rhythms and densely layered synth soundscapes, ‘Dream Weapon’ was recorded and produced alongside long-time collaborator Kurt Ballou at God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, with additional production and engineering by Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), JJ Heath (Rain City Recorders), and Zach Weeks (God City Studio) and was mastered by Heba Kadry. 

‘Dream Weapon’ is out March 26, 2021 on CD/LP/Digital. Physical pre-orders via are available here. Digital Downloads/Streaming are available here

More information on ‘Dream Weapon’

Lyrically and conceptually, ‘Dream Weapon’ picks up where ‘Board Up The House’ left off. “That album’s closing track, Relief, was about how humans have become a burden to the planet, and how Earth will endure long after we’re gone,” Hamilton Jordan explains. “There is sadness at the end, but some relief—and beauty—too. ‘Dream Weapon’ is, loosely, an album-length meditation on that theme.” From the ethereal, almost robotic vocal phrasings accompanying the industrial attack of Pyrocene, to the chaotic, pulse-pounding drumming acrobatics and cyclical guitar patterns in the album’s triumphant title track, ‘Dream Weapon’ is not just a nod to Genghis Tron’s celebrated past as a metal/progressive/experimental outfit. The new album redefines what these genres, sounds, and musical elements can achieve. Dream Weapon is a record that captures Genghis Tron at a matured, focused state; the ebbs and flows of the album are just as hard-hitting as they are dreamy, soaring, and meditative. 

Seasoned Genghis Tron listeners will find ‘Dream Weapon’ to be both excitingly fresh and reassuringly familiar. “Though it sounds a bit different than our previous albums, I don’t think we approached Dream Weapon any differently than the others,” Jordan explains. “Michael and I take years to write and trade demos, with about 80% of our ideas landing on the cutting-room floor. Once we have a rough song idea we both like, we write dozens of drafts of a song over months before we end up with a final demo.”

I think one difference in our approach for this album was that we had a strong sense from the outset of what kind of vibe we wanted to create,” Sochynsky adds. “Something more cohesive, meditative and hypnotic.” Through the album’s inventiveness and rejuvenated approach, ‘Dream Weapon’ marks another bold step forward in the wildly creative career of Genghis Tron, and cements the band’s legacy of groundbreaking, genre-defying innovation.

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