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BeaconGhostly International is excited to announce the newest addition to its roster, Brooklyn-based electronic duo Beacon. Known for their darker, creeping R&B sound, combined with a strong bass and electronic music influence, the band will release their Ghostly debut, an EP titled ‘For Now’ on October 2nd.

Listen to the first single, Feeling’s Gone below via Soundcloud.

Track list:
01. It Won’t Be Long
02. Safety’s Off
03. Pulse
04. Feeling’s Gone
05. Into The Night

Musically, this is perhaps the best realization yet of Beacon’s darker, creeping R&B sound, anchored by a strong bass and electronic music influence. ‘For Now’ is the second EP by duo, five songs that continue the band’s exploration of the dark spaces under the surface of human relationships. Themes of fractured love are prominent, particularly the distinction between love and lust, and what happens when the former falls away, leaving only the latter to fester: as Mullarney sings on third track Pulse, “It’s a long walk from lust to love… And if I get caught, it’s not my fault.”

Not so much the party and the after party as the party and the aftermath, the abiding impression left by For Now is of that strange, empty time of night when the party’s over and everyone’s gone home… but you can’t sleep, so you sit and stare into the dark and wait for the dawn to come.

Beacon first got the attention of the music world last year with the release of their well received debut EP, ‘No Body,’ which can be downloaded for free here.

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