Events in Toronto

Events in Toronto

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Rooney with Run River North + Romes @ Lee's Palace
Jul 2 @ 19:00
New Swears with Goodbye Honolulu, Bald Britney + Knifey @ Lee's Palace
Jul 15 @ 20:00

New Swears19+ show

Advance tickets also available at Rotate This & Soundscapes

Sammy J Scorpion, Scru Bar, Beej Eh, and Nick Nofun are New Swears, and New Swears are a garagepunk band specializing in melodic horseplay. They come from Ottawa, Canada… more specifically, they come from the Fun Boy Club House, a house in Ottawa they all lived in together with two bars, a mini ramp, a tattoo gun (but no actual tattoo artists), motorcycle tire burnout skids in the form of an inverted cross on the front walkway, rats and squirrels that made enough appearances indoors to be given names, murals everywhere, and a liberal ‘where should I piss?’ policy.
That paragraph right there might be enough to make your average jaded old punk hate them, but their saving grace is that there’s a big difference between try-hard and work-hard. New Swears are definitely the latter.

Despite regularly partying themselves into the emergency room, these dudes have still managed to put out a split tape and two full length LPs; gone on tours of the States, Canada, and Europe; self-released a shocking amount of shocking music videos (that always seem weirdly influenced by boy-band video aesthetics just as much as they are by CKY/Jackass and alcohol); and did it all without breaking anything more serious than legs and arms and TVs and walls, and without pissing off anybody who isn’t a cop or a landlord.

These guys will spend an hour trying to perfectly catapult a bucket onto a head, or flip a dart (that’s a
cigarette for any non-working class Canadians out there) perfectly into a mouth until they nail it. The
result is something incredibly stupid, that took an unreasonable amount of work and patience, but is
surprisingly satisfying to watch happen.

The same goes for their music, it might seem simple, you might get the impression YOU could write
songs that catchy and raw, but you can’t, you didn’t, and New Swears out-practiced, out-partied, and
out-worked you to get it done. Deal with it.

The band has signed with Dine Alone records and will be releasing the Brand New Spot/Sugar Heavy Metal 7 inch on November 4th. More shows, shenanigans and a full length record will come in 2017.

Spoon with Cherry Glazerr @ Massey Hall
Jul 25 @ 20:00

SpoonSpoon tour in support of the new album Hot Thoughts, stopping in at Massey Hall July 25th.

Hot Thoughts, Spoon’s 9th album, is the bravest, most sonically inventive work of their career, though keep in mind, Britt Daniel has already overseen a number of other reincarnations. With all due respect to earlier efforts that have made the band both critically acclaimed and a commercial contender, preconceptions about Spoon are about to be obliterated. That’s not to say Hot Thoughts doesn’t have a requisite supply of infectious earworms — WE DIDN’T SAY THIS WAS A DIFFERENT BAND (though this is the first Spoon album with no acoustic guitar) — but there’s a lyrical bent that’s as carnal as it’s crafty, and a newfound sense of sonic exploration that results in the genre-smasher Spoon have flirted with in the past but not fully consummated.

Without question, the prior works of Daniel, drummer Jim Eno, bassist Rob Pope and no-longer-a-secret weapon Alex Fischel have scaled some lofty heights, but Hot Thoughts is a daring, futuristic chapter in the Spoon story. Daniel’s spot in the pantheon of rock’s genius songwriters was established long ago—but with the crackling, incandescent, multi-dimensional backdrop conjured on Hot Thoughts, the lines between accessible and experimental become non-factors for once and all. It’s pop as high art, delivered with total confidence and focus.

Teenanger “Teenager” album release with Hooded Fang + New Fries @ Horseshoe Tavern
Aug 11 @ 21:00




19+ show

Advance tickets also available at Rotate This, Soundscapes & The Horseshoe front bar

Waxahatchee with Palehound + Outer Spaces @ Lee's Palace
Aug 17 @ 20:30





19+ show

Indie rock / folk project formed by Katie Crutchfield in 2010. The project is named after Waxahatchee Creek in Alabama USA.

Swervedriver playing Raise and Mezcal Head @ Lee's Palace
Sep 8 @ 20:30

Swervedriver flyer

19+ show

Advance tickets also available at Rotate This & Soundscapes

In 2013, Swervedriver performed their debut album, Raise, in its entirety in Australia and the UK and then went on to record the band’s highly acclaimed fifth album, I Wasn’t Born To Lose You, released in March 2015. This September, Adam Franklin, Jimmy Hartridge, Mikey Jones and Mick Quinn will be reprising the performance of Raise shows – for the first time in the USA – but with one large difference: they will also be performing their much loved second album, Mezcal Head, from front-to-back. The show will comprise of two sets. A new (sixth) album has been penciled in for a 2018 release – stay tuned for more details.