Glasgow’s The Ninth Wave share music video for ‘I’m Only Going To Hurt You’

The Ninth Wave press photo pink
Photo Credit: Nuala Swan

The Glaswegian gothic post-punk and electronic-pop group The Ninth Wave have shared the music video for their latest single I’m Only Going To Hurt You. This is the second track lifted from their forthcoming EP ‘Happy Days!,’ produced by Faris Badwan of The Horrors, and due out July 31st via Distiller Records.

The Ninth Wave make a statement with I’m Only Going To Hurt You, and the newly released Bryan M Ferguson directed video reveals a darker, more fragile side to the track. Set in a claustrophobic industrial unit, with only a freestanding light fixture and old tube TV displaying static, a sole figure moves around the room, at turns tormented and then tranquil, the video peers beneath her skin to reveal a very human vulnerability. Check out the video clip for I’m Only Going To Hurt You via YouTube below.

Director Bryan M Ferguson on the video: “I wanted the video to explore both mania and introversion through a voyeuristic lens. Taking influence from the French New Wave and putting that pop art vibe inside a more industrial concrete setting. The woman and the room are both an allegory of a manic heart inside a chest – the textures of the walls are almost bone-like, the woman is draped in red inside a space that grows tighter and more claustrophobic. I shot and cut the video with my wife (Vari Ferguson) in the middle of lockdown and it felt important to set the entire video in a windowless room with nothing but two essential pieces of furniture – a lamp and a television. The television transmits nothing but static – which at that time during the inception of the lockdown – the media often felt just as scrambled. I wanted to explore isolation not just because of how we were being forced to live during the current climate but also because it fused with the lyrics of the track – that personal alienation of heartache and how difficult intimate relationships are once damaged.”

The Ninth Wave on the process: “We have a good relationship with Bryan from when we have worked together in the past so we knew that we could give him an idea of what the song is about and he would be able to interpret that in a really interesting way. We wanted the video to be like the song – frenetic and stark without much let-up.”

The ‘Happy Days!’ EP is the follow up to The Ninth Wave’s debut LP ‘Infancy,’ a record that was nominated for the AIM Independent Music Awards 2020 for “Best Independent Album”.

With the new line-up now featuring Kyalo and Calum — friends of Haydn and Millie’s from other bands on the Glasgow scene, who share equally in songwriting duties — The Ninth Wave will open an auspicious new chapter of their story with the release of the ‘Happy Days!’ EP. Recorded in part at the suitably gothly titled Black Bay studio on the tiny island of Great Bernera in Outer Hebrides of Scotland, produced with Faris Badwan and engineered and mixed by Max Hayes, it’s The Ninth Wave like you’ve never heard them before — rawer, realer, more playful and revealing.

A danceable and downbeat instant anthems to fucked up romance, ​‘Happy Days!​‘ (the title is just ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek) finds ​The Ninth Wave​ pushing their sound in all sorts of new directions with quicksilver electronic beats, dream-pop soundscapes, larynx-shredding emotional catharsis, harsh noise and rich tonality informed by a love for all from the Twilight Sad to FKA Twigs and Björk.

The ‘Happy Days!’ EP out on July 31st via Distiller Records – is now available to pre-order on vinyl via Blood Records [pre-order here].

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