Glass Horses release self-titled debut EP

Glass Horses

Glass HorsesIntroducing London’s Glass Horses who reference shoegaze and psychedelic bands like Ride, Novella, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Froth, and L.A Witch as influences have released their debut self-titled EP. The band were born out of Terry’s bedroom. He’d been writing songs at home for a couple of years doing the vocals, keyboards and guitar and hooked up with James who he’d been in a band with previously to record drums. To add more low end to the line-up, they recruited Pat to play bass. He’d been in bands off and on with James for a while.

As a three-piece, everything really gelled in rehearsals but they wanted more structure, and Terry wasn’t really into singing and fronting the band. They tried out a bunch of singers and sort of gave up on finding a front person for a while until out the blue came Israeli friend Noga, who popped up and joined the band as the lead vocalist and guitarist. In the last 4 months, they’ve managed to record a 4 track EP produced by James in his home studio. Take a listen to the self-titled debut via Soundcloud below for a tasty slice of shoegaze goodness.

They’ve pulled together a set of 7 songs to play live and have gig dates for next year including a show at The Water Rats, Kings Cross on 4th Feb, 2017.

They’re hoping to release a properly produced 3-track EP in the Spring 2017.