Grace Vonderkuhn covers The Psychedelic Furs’ track ‘Love My Way’ in her own way

Grace Vonderkuhn photo credit: Joe Del Tufo
photo credit: Joe Del Tufo

Delaware’s garage rock princess, Grace Vonderkuhn, has delivered a bit of squelchy goodness by covering The Psychedelic Furs’ track Love My Way. Grace delivers her brand of raw downtrodden garage rock in the best way possible to one of the early 80’s classics.

“Vonderkuhn’s new single is a cover of ‘Love My Way’ by the Psychedelic Furs, and appropriately enough is both trippy and wooly. It shreds in a haze that more than lives up to those Ty Segall comparisons she’s always getting, with a healthy dose of knobs-to-eleven shoegaze thrown on top for good measure.” -Ray Padgett, Cover Me

Take a listen to the cover of The Psychedelic Furs’ Love My Way via Soundcloud below.


More about Grace Vonderkuhn? Grace Vonderkuhn is a rock musician based out of Wilmington, Delaware. Her music combines psych and garage rock aesthetics with a sharp pop sensibility.

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