Grungegazers Kicking share new single ‘Slower’

Kicking press photo
Photo by Melissa Burns

Mississippi-based grunge- and shoegaze-influenced Kicking have released the European version of ‘Goodbye Party’ which includes two additional unreleased tracks (Cheeks and Slower). Order it from Summer Darling Tapes here. Candlepin Records released the U.S. version of the ‘Goodbye Party’ EP on January 21, 2022. You can listen to Slower via Bandcamp below.

“‘Slower’ is a sort of slow dance anthem for people tired of carrying other people’s shit,” Flanders says. “Whether that be their trauma, expectations, or even fears.”

Ellinwood adds, “Sonically, I find ‘Cheeks’ and ‘Slower’ to be some of our most approachable songs. Give the audience the hook and never stop. I worked from the mindset of ‘keep it simple stupid.’ I think you can envision these tracks running during the closing credits of some arthouse film that probably stars some rando pop star trying to cross over into acting.”

Kicking was started by guitarist David Burns and vocalist Bobbie Flanders in the winter of 2016 with the lineup being completed by bassist Lacy Ellinwood and co-guitarist Sarah Grace Shepherd in early 2017, and finally with the addition of current drummer Lexie Gay over the summer of 2020.

It wouldn’t be difficult to categorize Kicking with over-used, hip but otherwise irrelevant genre buzzwords, but that would be doing a disservice to the sound. Kicking draws influence from ’90s alt rock and grunge giants to the more subdued elements of shoegaze and post punk, with traces of hardcore and riot grrl still showing proudly through-all while trying to create music that is authentic to the individual members.

Although Kicking has now been a group for the better part of a decade, they continue to push themselves as songwriters and in the sounds and tones they craft, while striving to never be self-referential. What sets them apart are the heartfelt lyrics of Bobbie Flanders, never washed out or hidden, juxtaposed against the effects driven heavy guitar rock of the rest of the band.

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