Guilty Party release debut single + video ‘Lemonade’

Guilty Party press photo

Guilty Party celebrate house gigs and hangover cures with debut single Lemonade.

Heading up their first batch of songs recorded with producer Gethin Pearson, Cardiff based Guilty Party set their sights on a year of celebration rock with their debut single.

Lemonade follows two would bes on a night that could be, endless pre-drinks, come ups, comedowns and middle ground. Big riffs for when you’re joined at the hip and a scratchy phone call when you’re adrift in the chaos. You can get lost, found and hit the floor, but you’ll wake up in good company – maybe with something to sip on for the hangover. Watch the video via YouTube below.

More about Guilty Party

Formed at the turn of 2023, Guilty Party (Jen, Dan, Ceris and Ty) put their weekend playbook to music; crunchy walls of sound, crispy sweet melodies, air guitar layered on millennium pop. Like your mate’s old fake ID, they’re rough round the edges with good intentions – to get the beers in and make a night of it. Slice of life lyrics take you back to losing your friends, finding them and forgetting it happened, while cranked distortion and gang vocals test your memories of Ibiza deep cuts, 2 for 1s at Bargain booze and crashing the rich kids house party. 

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