Halifax’s Century Egg cover J-Pop hit ‘Ring A Bell’

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Halifax garage-pop quartet Century Egg have shared a cover of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Ring A Bell. Century Egg take a song from one of the world’s biggest game-changing pop names and turn it on its head into an incredibly fun pop-punk gem. The J-Pop cover is lifted from their ‘Little Piece Of Hair’ EP which will be out via Forward Music Group (12″ vinyl with b-side etching). Listen to Ring A Bell via YouTube below.

Century Egg is a real treat, twitchy high energy guitar pop with a euphoric bent. Their EP ricochets through hooks, riffs, and a J-Pop cover in just over 15 minutes. It’s fun as hell, no bullshit, no punches pulled. I don’t know if I would have comp up with the Thin Lizzy comp on my own but this band gives me a similar joy, bombastic pop pleasure + riffs. 

First single Do You Want To Dance? is out now.

More about the ‘Little Piece Of Hair’ EP

Century Egg is a band of escape artists. On their debut EP for Forward Music Group, the Halifax four-piece blaze through basement pop jams carefully crafted with the desires of the listener at the front of their minds. The desire to move, to dance and be free of our walls and our traumas. Century Egg creates music to make us free.

Coming hot on the heels of their ‘We Can Play’ EP, ‘Little Piece of Hair’ is the band’s loudest, clearest mission statement to date. Boasting a new rhythm section of Matty Grace on Bass and Meg Yoshida on drums, Century Egg is a band reborn. Still present is the dance punk bliss of previous Egg outings, only bolder and brighter. Robert Drisdelle’s guitar swirls and soars like never before, at times channeling Thin Lizzy or the heyday of Rush before landing back at Stooges-esque punk roots. Vocalist Shane Keyu Song lives front and center at every turn, delivering clear incendiary vocals in both chinese and english. Matty Grace, stalwart hero of Halifax bands, keeps a steady hand on bass duties, keeping the beat driving ever forward, no looking back. Meg Yoshida behind the kit is a powerhouse addition, loud but never too fast, always on time and ever present.

These are songs about finding yourself, understanding your value in the present and celebrating the changes life delivers. This is a collection of songs about dancing and being free and rediscovering the joy in music and our lives, despite the shells around us. Century Egg makes music to remind you to be free. 

Century Egg Little Piece of Hair EP cover artwork

‘Little Piece of Hair’ EP track listing

1. Do You Want To Dance?
2. I Will Make Up A Method
3. Ring A Bell
4. Little Piece of Hair
5. Riddle To Place
6. Cornered

‘Little Piece of Hair’ EP Bandcamp pre-order is here.

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