Holy Hum shares video for ‘White Buzz’

Holy Hum

Holy HumHoly Hum, aka Vancouver-based artist Andrew Lee, has announced his debut album, ‘All Of My Bodies,’ will be out on October 6. To go along with the announcement, he’s also shared a video for the first single, White Buzz. Watch it via YouTube below.

Lee wrote ‘All Of My Bodies’ shortly after the passing of his father. After spending a month by his father’s side in the hospital, Lee became acutely aware of all the machines keeping people alive.  The hum from these machines took on a transcendent meaning and is where the idea for Holy Hum was born.  During this time, hiding out, Lee felt the freedom to experiment artistically and musically without any commercial pressures. Creating music purely for himself, as a mechanism in which to grieve and move on.

‘All Of My Bodies’ was largely recorded at Lee’s home studio, with drums and a lot of the vocals, done at The Unknown, Phil Elverum’s studio in Anacortes, WA, along with the entirety of track, White Buzz.  The album was recorded between 2013 thru 2015, then mixed and mastered in 2016.  It took Lee a long time to complete because he was learning the recording software he used as he was going along.

Track listing

01.  All Of My Bodies
02.  Yoo Duk Lee
03.  Flower In The Snow
04.  Heavy Lark
05.  Sex At 31
06.  Joseph Pt. 2
07.  White Buzz
08.  Sun Breaking
09.  Ready To Have It
10.  Space and Time
11.  Mellotron Doom

You can grab a of the album on pre-order HERE.

Lee shelved ‘All Of My Bodies’ for some time while releasing a series of singles, starting with the hour-long ‘Appendix C’, on New Years Day 2015, and followed by a 7″ single, ‘Appendix A + B’ in 2016, on the great Kingfisher Bluez (Xiu Xiu, Dirty Beaches, Laura Viers, Allison Crutchfield).

Holy Hum encapsulates the space in Lee’s mind where he thinks about sound – whether it be in strictly abstracted forms, like in art installations in galleries, or whether it be in a standard post-rock format at a concert venue. With Holy Hum Lee has been able to put on varied performances, from a strip mall in East Vancouver, an installation in an abandoned fur vault, a performance using only salvaged organs obtained via Craigslist, the Vancouver Planetarium, The Vancouver Art Gallery, Kunstradio in Vienna, and outdoor festivals, adapting to the venue based on acoustic and aesthetic considerations.

Lee will be leaving his home in Vancouver, Canada this fall, to settle in Brooklyn, New York. Live performances in the northeast and Europe are in the works for the months ahead.