Hoorsees return with single + video ’Week-End At Bernie’s’

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Parisian indie quartet Hoorsees dust off their windbreakers and think about an endless summer with new single Week-End At Bernie’s. This single is the first since their debut album ‘Hoorsees’ (Kanine Records) landed in February 2020 and sees the band continue their whimsical exploration of pop culture touchstones and everyday absurdities while stepping up with a new dynamic punch to the woozy melodies that permeated their self-titled debut. This is jangling guitar-pop that yearns for a sun-soaked era when the days were long, the inbox stayed at the office, and every party ended at Bernie’s house. Check out the video clip for Week-End At Bernie’s via YouTube below.

Week-End At Bernie’s is the first release lifted from the upcoming album ‘A Superior Athlete’ (April 22nd, Kanine Records) and, like the other tracks on the record, it wears the influences and experiences of the last year on its sleeve. A year spent in and out of lockdowns hunkered down with a series of classic 80s movies, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and this song’s namesake. A year spent rediscovering era-defining records that graced the cd-changers of many a college student’s car. Pavement, Modest Mouse, and Weezer all find themselves name-checked in Hoorsees’ lyrics and song titles, and, of course they have an indelible sonic imprint in the angular guitar lines of Thomas Gachod, the languorous vocals of Alex Delamard, and the emulsifying drive of Zoé Gilbert’s bass alongside Nicolas Coste’s drums. 

A Superior Athlete was written over a two-week period when Hoorsees escaped the city and travelled to the abandoned mountain top house of Delamard’s grandmother in the south of France. In an exercise of DIY self-reliability the band travelled only with their engineer Florentin Convert and a skeleton selection of basic equipment which they would use to capture the entire album. Fueled by lockdown-enforced periods of self-reflection and pop culture binges, this record serves as both a time capsule of a specific moment in time and a distillation of the personalities and passions that each band member brings to the table.

‘A Superior Athlete’ follows the ‘Hoorsees’ album which delivered a showcase of shimmering “mid-fi” guitar pop that blended lush melodies with the laidback flavor of 90s slacker rock. ‘A Superior Athlete’ heralds an energized new chapter for the band. While their debut revelled in dreamy pop, this new release finds the band wide awake and more vivacious than ever.

Hoorsees - A Superior Athlete Cover artwork
‘A Superior Athlete’ track list

1.  Week-end at Bernie’s 
2. Cream & Onion 
3. Jansport 
4. Memory’s Knife 
5. I’m Wearing My Raincoat in Summer 
6. Blue Pants 
7.  Drama Kings
8.  A Superior Athlete 
9.  Real Estate 
10.  TV in the Morning

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