Hoorsees share ‘Videogames’

Hoorsees press photo

Parisian indiepop group Hoorsees have shared Videogames in anticipation of their self-titled debut LP, due out on February 19th, 2021, via Kanine Records. The album is available for pre-order here, and also features the previously released single Overdry.

Videogames is a hazy, laid-back, cut that dives into the escapism of video gaming when facing emotional turmoil. This subject of melancholia is rarely far from the surface amongst the tracks that are collected on Hoorsees. It is, however, somewhat lightened by the shimmering guitars of Alex Delamard and Thomas Gachod, the sweet vocal interplay of Delamard and bassist Zoé Gilbert, and the gently insistent drive of Nicolas Conte’s drums. 

The track is accompanied by a visual that Delamard cut using his mother’s old camcorder; the scenes shifting between a lazy afternoon in his Parisian apartment and a recording session in the south of France. Listen to the track and watch the visualizer via YouTube below.

Videogames follows the October release of the single Overdry; a bittersweet melodic gem about wrestling to overcome a mental breakdown. The lyrical sentiment delivered soaked in jangling guitar crunch, waves of cymbals and the melancholy interplay of Delamard and Gilbert’s vocals. 

If there’s a motto, or rallying cry, that one could readily associate with Hoorsees’ upcoming debut, it is that of the album’s fourth track Get Tired. A motif that encapsulates the dragging sadness and subtly wry humor that pervades Delamard’s writing. The track itself might be the saddest reflection on love within the album, but it’s also a screwed-up kind of solution; offering ownership to escapism. While Spacemen 3 had their ‘Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To,’ Hoorsees is the sound of a band “being sad to make music for being sad to.” For those into the indie rock scene that flourished at the end of the 90s, and for all those times spent moping in your room rather than doing something productive, this Parisian quartet is the horse to bet on.   

Hoorsees cover artwork

Hoorsees’ track list

1. Overdry
2. Pitfall
3. Fuckhead
4. Get Tired
5. Videogames
6. Instant Tea
7. Major League
8. Give It Up
9. Waterfall