IAMBEAR announces new 4 volume concept album


Swedish ambient post-chillwave producer IAMBEAR announce a four volume concept album to be released via fellow producer Summer Hearts’s label Sommarhjärta. Mellow electronic tunes, hazy drones and subtle vocals takes us deeper into the mysterious essence encapsuling IAMBEAR – still remaining anonymous in identity but not sparing a piece of soul. The band revealed the first volume of ‘Kattegatt’ and can take a listen via Soundcloud below.

The next volume will be released september 2nd.

Release dates:

Kattegatt vol. 1 – aug 19th
Kattegatt vol. 2 – sept 2nd
Kattegatt vol. 3 – sept 16th
Kattegatt vol. 4 – sept 30th
Kattegatt full album – oct 7th