Jonsjooel explores the human mind’s dark side with ‘Lullaby’

Jonsjooel press photo
photo by Jonne Heinonen

Finnish multi-talented artist, Jonsjooel, has released his latest single Lullaby. This new track is part of Jonsjooel’s album, ‘Lullabies For Younger Self,’ a collection of emotions that reflect on the artist’s past experiences.

Lullaby is a powerful and raw song that explores the darker side of the human mind. With its haunting melody and lyrics, the song is a window into the true emotions of Jonsjooel. It’s not your typical lullaby, but rather a loud cry revealing some of the darker ideas that we often keep hidden.

Listen to Lullaby via YouTube below or listen here.

Jonsjooel’s diverse background in music has led to a unique and captivating soundscape. With roots in jazz drumming, Jonsjooel’s music is an experimental blend of various genres and influences. As the front man of Lake Jons and as a composer and producer for other artists, Jonsjooel has established himself as a versatile and original musician.

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