Kaada shares breathtaking video for ‘Farewell’

Kaada press photo

One of Norway’s most acclaimed, influential and vital artists, KAADA has shared the first video lifted from the ‘Closing Statements’ LP.  The Farewell video was filmed in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Romania, Iceland and Norway.  

Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

To visualise the standout-track Farewell, Kaada has enlisted his old friend, award-winning director Christian Holm-Glad who actually started his career with making a video for Kaada.

“I met photographer Daniel Voldheim and Christian Holm-Glad by chance some 15+ yrs ago. Little did I know then that this encounter would result in the great collaboration we have today. It is a privilege to work with someone who manages to translate my musical world into images and stories so seamlessly.” explained Kaada.

“As people, we are scared to make changes. We are afraid of being alone. We are afraid of not making money, so we do the same routines every day. We are risk adverse, but when you dare to do something else, it is often the best decision in life,” director Christian Holm-Glad says of the video.