Kidbug share new track ‘Together’

Kidbug press photo
Credit: Allison Durst

Kidbug have shared the video for Together, the third track lifted from their self-titled debut album, out May 22, 2020 via Joyful Noise Recordings. The video for Together is a neo-gothic love story starring band members Marina Tadic and Adam Harding. As ghosts they travel hand-in-hand across time and space through dreamlike landscapes, from a haunted house with a black cat, to an Indiana pumpkin patch, to an old Dutch graveyard, and beyond.

Co-directed by Harding and Tadic, the making of the video was a collaborative process for the pair, as is all of Kidbug’s music and artwork. It was edited both together and apart, with filming taking place in Indiana, The Netherlands, and the clouds in between.

Watch the video clip for Together via YouTube below.

Says Tadic: “As the song title suggests, we were together when we wrote Together together. The song is about cosmic connection, unity, intuition and peace which we translated to symbolic images for this video.” Harding adds “I came up with the chord progression for Together while trying to remember how to play our song Lovesick. Marina suggested that I should maybe try to forget how to play Together and trick myself into coming up with another new song.”

More on Kidbug?

Born from the romance of Tadic and Harding, together with Harris and Bruno they make “cuddlebug sludge”, the harmoniously spiky offspring of Harding’s fuzzy guitar grunge-gaze and Tadic’s dreamy left field pop.  

Kidbug’s roots date back to December 2018. While at Joyful Noise Recordings’ Indianapolis headquarters for the label’s annual holiday party, Australian transplant Adam Harding was first introduced to the Croatian-born, Netherlands-based artist Marina Tadic. “We all convened at Postal Recording in Indianapolis to record Christmas songs for the label, and it just sort of grew from there,” Harding explains. When Tadic learned that Harding was also an accomplished video maker (having directed music videos for DJ Shadow, Warpaint, Best Coast, Swervedriver, Sebadoh) she asked if he would make a video for Eerie Wanda before she was due to leave town. According to Tadic, the creative sparks started flying immediately, inspiring a series of long-distance musical love letters. “The writing started when I went back home. We were both very inspired to start writing songs to each other. It’s a funny thing because we’re both really slow at songwriting, but for some reason the songs just kept flowing. Within two months or so we had enough to make an album.” 

The initial results were raw, personal, and naked in their emotional honesty, with a purity of expression that Tadic and Harding were eager to preserve. “We made a pact that whatever came out, we wouldn’t second guess it,” says Harding.  Adds Tadic: “We were inspired by the honesty and purity of John and Yoko singing love songs to each other. We wrote these songs for each other, and there was no reason to overthink them or purposefully obscure the lyrics, which made both the writing and recording process really fun and spontaneous.”  

Kidbug’s debut is fueled by deeply charged electrical love, and the band hopes to return that magical energy to listeners. “This album is a celebration of love,” says Harding. “We hope to bring love into the world with this album” Tadic adds. “We dig love”. 

Kidbug cover artwork

‘Kidbug’track listing
1. Now Let’s Go To Sleep
2. Lovesick
3. Good Inside
4. Moonglue
5. Never
6. Woozy
7. Theme from Kidbug
8. Together
9. Stay
10. Yesterdays
11. Dreamy