Kilmanjaro share new video for ’40 (Without Her Love)’


KilmanjaroKilmanjaro have released their new video for the track 40 (Without Her Love). You can check it out via YouTube below.

This song is the climax point in the album of their latest album entitled ‘A Place Unknown To All You Ever Say’. All the feelings conveyed throughout the album come to this point of realization. There’s a lot of tension in the first half of the song. But it reaches a point where you’re freed from that prison of emotion that’s been holding you for the whole album. There’s this sense of awakening.

The 40 (Without Her Love) video by Karl Skene is the first from our latest album entitled ‘A Place Unknown To All You Ever Say’, which we released January 2017.

We explore a spectrum of lofty and grimy textures in our music, striving to invoke feelings of a nocturnal daydream. The lyrics on this album reflect on different manifestations of personality and relationships around us.

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