King Black Acid share ‘Kissed At The Cemetery’

Kissed At The Cemetery video still

Kissed At The Cemetery is the second single lifted from King Black Acid’s full length album ‘The Rainbow Lodge’. The song is a beautiful dirt wave bubble grunge ballad of teenagers in love who reject the norms of society and celebrate life by smoking pot and making out at the cemetery. The Kissed At The Cemetery video was animated by Daniel Riddle (King Black Acid) and tattoo artist Kat Perkins. The music video tells the story of alien abduction on a rural farm where the farmer’s teenage goth kids save the day by fighting off the grey alien hybrid creatures. Watch the Kissed At The Cemetery video clip via YouTube below.

This new King Black Acid album pulls from the glamour of 70’s bell bottom rock, 80’s post punk no wave college rock, 90’s fuzzed dirt pop and 2000’s cerebral psych electro-stoner core. Each song is a symphony of sonic melodic images folded into a schizophrenic journey that is punctuated by triumphant intoxicating adventures in the form of songs. 

ALBUM: The Rainbow Lodge
RELEASE DATE: Fri April 7th 2023
LABELS: Cavity Search Records/Mazinga Records
FORMAT: 12″ Vinyl LP – Digital

More about King Black Acid

King Black Acid is a collective of musicians arranged and orchestrated by founding member Daniel Riddle. Daniel’s projects have toured and shared stages with Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Low, Moby, Sonic Youth, The Dandy Warhols, Faith No More, Dead Moon, Menomena, The Fugees, Arctic Monkeys, Spacemen 3, and quite a few others. King Black Acid’s music can be heard in movies and television shows such as CSI Miami, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, UnderWorld III Rise Of The Lycans, The Mothman Prophecies, WitchBlade, Dream With Fishes, Do Me A Favor, Phoenix, MTV’s Real World, CNN Sports and many others.

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