Ladyfrnd says final goodbye with ‘Farewell Remixes’ this Friday

Farewell Remixes

Ladyfrnd will be releasing ‘Farewell Remixes’ on Friday, Nov. 6 via Hybridity Music, a follow-up to their ‘Farewell’ EP, which was released on July 10. Ladyfrnd is made up of Peter Ricq of HUMANS and Gang Signs, and the haunting yet soulful voice of Yuki Holland. This is their final release as the pair has now parted ways. ‘Farewell Remixes’ features critically acclaimed artists who have put their own upbeat spin on Ladyfrnd’s seductive and melancholy tracks. 
Track list:
1. Geist (Ryan Wells Remix)
2. Play Softly (Gang Signs Remix)
3. Farewell (HUMANS Remix)
4. Strange Days (Heroshe Remix)
5. 5 Sisters (ma/am Remix)
6. Strange Days (Donné Remix)
7. Strange Days (Actors Remix)
More about Ladyfrnd? The Vancouver-based duo has come to incorporate everything from love to the changing tides of life in the ethereal and dreamlike sounds of Ladyfrnd. Sirenic and haunting, the voice of Holland is anchored by Ricq’s steady heartbeat. The two seduce listeners with their romantic union of electronic soundscapes, simple yet modernly soulful lyrics, and a touch of island luau to inspire soft swaying in the twilight hours.
‘Farewell Remixes’ will be released via Hybridity Music.. Their artist roster ranges from HUMANS, Ladyfrnd and Sabota, to the alternative R&B of Michael Brock and disco-house duo Café Lanaion