Le Big Zero share new track ‘Dryer Lint Trap’

Le Big Zero press photo
Le Big Zero, May 2019

Brooklyn-based trio Le Big Zero has announced their upcoming debut full-length, ‘Ollie Oxen Free,’ and they’ve also shared the lead-off single Dryer Lint Trap. You can take a listen to the track via Spotify below.

The path that Le Big Zero took to the release of their upcoming debut, ‘Ollie Oxen Free,’ has been, to put it lightly, circuitous. As easy as it might be to explain the record’s decade plus long incubation, it’s a little more enlightening to hear the highlight reel from frontman Michael Pasuit himself: 

Auditioned for music school on classical piano. Got in. Didn’t go. Four relatively shitty, regretful years at a state college. Played in an art-rock band out of Hoboken. Learned the ropes from my bandmates. Veterans of the scene. Released an album. Soured on New Jersey and New York City. Moved to Seattle. Fell in love with the anonymity of not knowing anyone. With an acoustic guitar and cassette tape recorder, Le Big Zero began. Challenged myself to make songs sound as complex and full as possible without accompaniment. Started another band with a bunch of music school graduates. Explored complicated, math-y songwriting. Toured the West coast extensively. Released two more albums. Super proud of both. Le Big Zero continued in the margins. Met a girl. Moved back East to Brooklyn. Had trouble finding myself. Joined another band, this time afro-inspired dance pop. Released another album. Got a little lost. Got a concussion. Got hella depressed. Came out the other side more focused. Dylan helped me flesh out some ideas on drums. Carolina and I shared an office at a foreign policy think tank. Along the way, we realized we shared a brain. She joined Le Big Zero. Everything started falling into place. Garage-y tone, punk spirit. Atypical song structures. Pop melodies. Off-kilter timing. Harmony. Dissonance. Got to the studio. Recorded an album.

Le Big Zero Ollie Oxen Free cover artwork


1. Le Moment of Zen (Intro)
2. Dryer Lint Trap
3. Don’t Know Any
4. Dead Wrong, Clearly Treading
5. Nothing Ever Works
6. Hard to Set Off
7. Moving Mountains
8. Oversure
9. What Now? (Outro)

‘Ollie Oxen Free’ is out on September 6, 2019. Dryer Lint Trap is out now.