Let There Be Light release new tracks ‘No Given Path’ + ‘Moth Queen’

Ahead of their upcoming full-length album, ‘Break the Spell of Silence,’ Let There Be Light have released a two track single with the songs No Given Path and Moth Queen. This is a glimpse, a tantalizing seduction that will turn to full on infatuation by the time you get your hands on the upcoming album. Listen to both tracks via YouTube below.

No Given Path is the instrumental track, fading-in with distant chiming pulse as rhythmic tones meld into layers of billowing atmospheric, yet gently hovering guitar feedback all buoyed by warm, bulbous bass lines. Between the gentle rhythms and her echoes, soft electro-melodies hover like an aurora borealis, and from this din emerges both guitar and electro synths that departs from the fray to soar into emotional crescendo.

The following song opens with reverberating ricochets from enormous attendant insect wings, Moth Queen wriggles with plucky bass lines as another emerges from a cocoon as thick, sticky electro synths unfurl and gradually expand into a psychedelic listening experience. Gentle electro-keyboard notes shimmer like stars reflecting on the surface if a nocturnal lake as sensuous vocals from Jesse Crowe (of Toronto-based band, Beliefs) both intones and croons in a layered duet.

More about Let There Be Light?

Let There Be Light are Toronto-based electro-drone-rock-scapists, Piero Frenguelli (guitar, vocals, electronics, beat programming) and Marco Porsia (bass, electronics) with transient members and collaborators have released music since 2009. While instrumental emphasis has changed, their approach to songwriting has not. Early releases are atmosphere-driven rock on ‘The Setting Sun’ EP and ‘The Noise Behind’ LP whose delicate vocals and instruments are in a similar vein to bands like Spiritualized.

This aesthetic reached crescendo with their alias, The Radio Fields Lost Frequencies (LP) who has a more ‘pop-rock’ feel. Their alias, Let There Be Light returned with ‘Night & Day’ and ‘Bent Parallels’ LPs followed by the ‘Laser/Touch’ EP that had an overall more electronic-ambient-scape with hints of their earlier rock-driven direction. The connecting thread between all the work is a cinematic sensibility, atmosphere and mood that around wraps the listener like a dense mist. Immerse in the warm glowing sounds of Let There Be Light.

For more information about Let There Be Light or to grab some of their music, visit lettherebelight.bandcamp.com.