Lev Snowe releases new single ‘Dim Light’

Lev Snowe press photo
photo credit: Mackenzie Smith

Lev Snowe spends his days tinkering away in his bedroom studio building up his psychedelic Xanadu. Raised on the warm hiss of ’70s soul jazz recordings, the slack chill of the L.A. beat scene, and the nostalgic synth swaying of Boards of Canada, this Canadian songwriter/producer creates an atmosphere that is both washed out and danceable — pensive, yet uplifting. Like a wandering mind spent cooped up all winter, Snowe’s music never sits still for too long. Lush electronics bloom around shimmering guitars and the wonky grit of ’90s era hip hop grooves, all while Snowe’s wistful lyricism drifts hypnotically in and out of focus—a carefree soundtrack fit for either chaotic house parties or those endless summer nights spent escaping reality.

Lev Snowe releases his third single, Dim Light, which is lifted from his forthcoming EP, ‘Someday Soon,’ due out January 2020. Take a listen via YouTube below.

Lev Snowe on Dim Light: “This is the one song on the EP I wrote in Silver Lake, LA. I saw this little vintage Prophet synthesizer lying in the corner of my Airbnb host’s place and brought it into my cubby home. The song emerged from the confines of my limited technology—the bassline being played through this really crumby guitar amp that ended up creating the distinct central-backbone—I even had to borrow various newly found friends’ equipment in order to record the part and take it back home to Winnipeg to build upon. The lyrics are a foreign fantasy with regards to LA about needing to travel beyond my home in order to find traces of the next me—all the while juggling between the memories that would surely pull me backwards if it weren’t for the utter bizarrities of observing true LA life as an equal.”