Lightfoils share prismatic video for ‘This Time Is Up’

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LigthfoilsAhead of the release of their new album ‘Chambers’ (Bandcamp pre-order), Ligthfoils have shared their mesmerizing new video for This Time Is Up, the latest single released from the album. Directed by Brian Cook, the psychedelic video is the perfect visual accompaniment to the enthralling single. Check out This Time Is Up via YouTube below.

Formed in 2010, Lightfoils’ sound is decidedly shoegaze, although the band subtly stretches the sonic boundaries of what the term embodies, honing in on a more cosmopolitan and ethereal sound. Clocking in at a breezy 30 minutes, ‘Chambers’ represents a band that has mastered the atmospheric tone they’ve become synonymous with and continue to occupy, almost a decade after formation. The first track on the album The Bitter Over opens with dream-like guitars, transporting the listener away to distant shores – it’s the sound of Lightfoils leading the listener into the unknown. Frontwoman Jane Zabeth Nicholson’s vocals both echo in the background, and dance in the front.

Duende sounds like a surf rock wave rolling onto darker shores, with the rhythm section keeping an upbeat tempo, keeping one grounded, while the vocals and guitars provide a loss of gravitational control. This mix of rhythm and reverb-laden guitars, combined with the right amount of bite from classic fuzz distortion is what Lightfoils does best. This Time is Up speeds things up with a faster tempo and swirling, distorted guitars, and rattling bass, following on the heels of the album’s lead single Summer Nights, a densely layered track with a calculated build-up full of alternately chiming and blanketing guitars that highlights Nicholson’s sublime vocals floating longingly above.

Zabeth’s vocal melodies are reminiscent of classic 90s rock that has a touch of shoegaze, and channels the softness of singers of earlier alternative rock bands. It has an easy comedown, changing in tempo to seduce the listener into the next track. Honeydew draws on whirring guitars and crashing cymbals, carrying Zabeth’s vocals through an experience of senses. The track enters an intermittent key change midway, and continues to soar toward a more upbeat, crashing close.

Lightfoils Chambers cover