Lil Mariko shares Hyperpop meets Screamo video ‘Boring’

Lil Mariko

Lil Mariko has shared her latest video for Boring. Known for her bold sound of hyperpop combined with motifs of meme culture and sexpositivity the latest video is an anti-“Chad” anthem for all the straight white guys from your hometown who judged you for being different. Watch the video clip for Boring via YouTube below.

The video features Lil Mariko and producer Full-Tac dressed as a “Chad.” What began as an innocent first date turns to a nightmare as his personality catfish leads to being tortured by Lil Mariko. 

About the song, Lil Mariko said “Some of the people I went to highschool with were incredibly boring and were blithely unaware of the fact, I thought it would be fun to make a song dedicated to them and how they made me feel.”

Boring was written specifically for the launch of Four Loko Records. It is a hyperpop/trap-metal infused banger on calling out the entitled men that put women down for being unique.

More about Lil Mariko

Rising screamo queen Lil Mariko makes hardcore meme music. With artist/producer Full Tac, they’ve created viral bangers such as Where’s My Juul and Don’t Touch. Combining the sonic elements of metal, hyper pop, and techno, Lil Mariko has found popularity among the Gen Z/Tik-Tok crowd. She released her debut EP ‘Lil Mariko’ in March 2021, and is currently working on more vomit inducing, cringe-worthy singles to pierce fan’s ear holes and damage their hearing with her terrifying screams.

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