Little Children release new EP

Little Children

Little Children, from Stockholm, Sweden, are a loose collective based around the emotionally charged songwriting of Linus Lutti, and the musical collaboration with multi-instrumentalists Andreas Söderström and Mathias Bergkvist. The group was born from the ashes of defunct duo Idiot kid (which Lutti shared with Swendie queen Min Stora Sorg).

‘Travelling Through Darkness,’ Little Children’s new EP, builds on the majesty and melancholy of the band’s musical history, and tells of the leaving and of the longing that connects as much with Smalltown, Sweden as the tribulations of complex affection. It will be out via Cosmos on June 2, 2015. Stream the EP via Soundcloud below.

‘Travelling Through Darkness’ is a cathartic collection of songs which contrasts perfect musical harmony and minor key melodies with stories of doubt, defiance and imperfect relations. Crisp guitars are adorned with ethereal strings and a tapestry of percussion details, making the EP a masterwork of ethereal but jagged beauty. The title track is the perfect example: a duet with legendary Swedish songstress Titiyo which blends intertwined vocals with irresistible melodies to create a strange sensation of a near-life experience.

Linus Lutti has spared none of his personal outpourings in these songs: the lyrical fragments tell of love’s hope and failure, but are ultimately chapters of hope and willpower. And the force of the Lutti musical gift has not gone unnoticed. While Little Children bided their time, slowly letting the music gain momentum and the local rumor mill do its work, some of Europe’s more renowned song writers and producers have continuously approached Lutti for collaboration attempts.


Track list:

Another Day
Song #4
Traveling Through Darkness Feat. Titiyo
We’re Falling



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